John Sullivan

Self-Accountable is an integrated cloud and smartphone based system that continually assesses the relapse-risk of drug and alcohol patients once they complete treatment; informing them, their loved ones, or other interested parties when they are at risk of relapsing.

The system employs a sophisticated Relapse Prediction and Prevention (RPaP) algorithm, similar to a FICO score calculation, based on multiple behavioral, demographic, pro-recovery patterns and statistical norms to determine when a person may be at risk.

The system encourages active support group participation and provides near real-time feedback regarding how they and other recovery mates are doing with their respective recoveries. Feedback is in the form of FICO-like scoring with drill-down access to underlying specific risk factors. The system additionally provides near real-time, trend and cumulative data to select individuals or entities such as loved ones, counselors, and insurance providers.

The primary intent of the system is to help hold recovering addicts and alcoholics personally accountable for their recovery, with meaningful and actionable feedback provided along the way. If or when a patient fails to meet established risk criteria they will be notified via their smartphone and their loved ones will be notified via a confidential email. 


Relapse Prediction and Prevention


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